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In the “Control the Chaos” coaching sessions, I work with you one-on-one to set up the personalized routines you need, to accomplish more of the right things with less stress.


We approach this ‘Control the Chaos’ in four 60 minute sessions:


  1. Understand your biggest pain points.
    • We work together to identify your challenge areas that will be most impactful to tackle
    • We will categorize these challenge areas into 4 buckets so we can methodically tackle each one
      1. Create a new system
      2. Streamline an existing system
      3. Delegate
      4. Delete this entirely


  1. Design a system that addresses each challenge area.
    • We look at each challenge area and create a personalized, repeatable system for you
    • We’ll make sure the system
      1. fits into your lifestyle,
      2. addresses the root cause(s) of your challenge, and
      3. is easy to follow.


  1. Fine-tune your systems
    • After you’ve had a chance to use your systems for a few weeks, we will review what’s working and what isn’t.
    • We want to make sure you use your systems and they address your initial challenge areas.
    • We’ll optimize your systems keeping what works and adjusting what doesn’t.


  1. Final accountability call
    • In this 4th call, we focus on consistency and accountability, two keys to making any change.
    • We’ll meet again 3-4 weeks after the ‘Fine-Tune Your Systems’ call, to discuss how your systems are working.
    • In this call, we identify which habits are sticking and which habits are not as easy to follow.
    • We adjust your processes as needed.
    • And, we craft a longer-term action plan for you.



  • Four 60 minute, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Q&A in between sessions (FB Messenger, Whats-App or Voxer)
  • And, my best advice for
    • The technology that can help you automate your challenge areas
    • Resources that provide DIY short-cuts for you
    • Resources for areas you want to delegate or outsource
    • Mindset shifts to outsmart the procrastination and resistance that typically accompanies change

What People Are Saying:

“I started off feeling like "I can't do life right now." I was overwhelmed, disorganized, and not sure how to tackle all my responsibilities across work, home, and my own business. I had such a tremendous breakthrough working with Melisa. She gave me a structure to follow, and also was there to coach me in the real-time as I encountered resistance, hit roadblocks, and wasn't sure what to do next. I made steady progress each week and it all added up to a huge win overall. Specifically, Melisa helped me understand the value of creating and following standard processes repeatedly. Before working with Melisa, I was “winging it” and hoping things would work out. Now I have a weekly calendar on my refrigerator that my husband and I fill out together. We no longer fight about who is doing what and what the plan is. I am able to achieve more while also feeling calm, clear, and present. Plus, my husband is grateful (and sings Melisa’s praises!!), our entire family life has improved because of the consistent structures I am now implementing.”

Joni Rayos

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Crush Your Chaos Consulting $397.00 USD
Due Now $397.00 USD